Conversations with Judah

I was coming down the stairs from laying Ruby down for her morning nap when Judah yelled: “Ah! IT’S A SPACE STORM!!!”

He was in the middle of watching a cartoon about two frogs and a fly who travel into outerspace to learn about math. (Which reminds me of how Jason will see a Judah’s shows and say something along the lines of: “A chair, a golf club, and a mouse go on an adventure…” and other brilliant cartoon ideas. He has a real future in children’s shows).

Apparently in this cartoon the three mathematical amigos  are challenged by a space storm and have to do math EVEN FASTER. Dangerous, I know.

“Mom! THERE’S A SPACE STORM!” He said, following me into the kitchen. “There’s a space storm, and we need an orange.”

So I peeled him and his large stuffed alligator an orange. Before he moved onto the next thing.

He came back, wearing only a diaper.

Me: Where are your clothes?

Judah: I took them off.

Me: Why did you take them off?

Judah: I took them off. They got wet.

Me: How did they get wet?

Judah: I don’t know.

He then disappeared into the living room and dumped out his legos. “MOM! These legos are for my grandmother to come. You are my grandmother.”

Me: Grandmothers are like grandma and Gaga.

Judah: (Sweetly) You’re a grandmother too.

Just another five minutes of conversing with Judah…A conversation kind of like the one he and his Firefighter bear were going to have when he yelled downstairs, “HEY FIREBEAR! Let’s talk about POOP and SKUNKS! THEY BOTH STINK!!”

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