Our backyard is our own little haven. Judah has been digging in the mud, getting his toys dirty then washing them with water from the rain barrel. Ruby has been spending time on a blanket with toys. But she would much rather be eating the grass and leaves near the edge of her blanket. Penny has been loving her outdoor life. The chickens have made it to the outdoors.

backyard april28-17 tulips

We are filling up on fresh air, and waiting for our tulips and peonies to grow.

backyard2 april28-20


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    1. She is just perplexed by them. We usually don’t have them out of the coop when she is around because she has a strong hunting instinct. (And that is just the kind of drama I don’t want to live through with my two year old). When they are all out their together, (and the chicks are safely contained in their coop), she does well. She just stares a lot and occasionally charges the coop scaring the living daylights out of the chickens. I’m thinking its good for their character building.

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