Five Minute Friday: Brave

Joining in again with Lisa-Jo and her beautiful community of women who take five minutes every Friday to write: unedited and imperfect.

Today’s word is “Brave.”

{Ready, set, go.}


Every other Tuesday, my living room becomes a place of bravery. When the women come in through the door, shedding jackets, shoes, and walls of protection. They settle into their spaces on the couches. Then they open up and begin to share. The room fills with affirmation and acceptance.

These bold women fight, day-in and day-out, a wearying battle against a variety of eating disorders. They fight against voices in their heads that are filled with hatred and disgust. They live moment to moment making the decisions for or against compulsive, dangerous, and addictive behaviors.

We sit encircled, all included. Sometimes, sweet Ruby crawls around in between us. And I think of her and how she will have to navigate these  murky, dangerous waters as woman in our culture someday.

They aren’t yet able to see the incredible beauty that I see in each individual one of them.

But I am honored to be present for this piece of their stories. The steps and choices they make to be strong in the midst of a culture that batters them down. The courage they hold to keep going, even when they fall. The way they fight for hope, when all feels discouraging and desperate.

They are absolute wonders.

They are the first thing that comes to mind when I hear the word brave.


6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Brave

  1. Kristi, I was so moved by your story. For a short season of life, I worked at a psychiatric hospital, and frequently worked on the eating disorder unit. I understand a portion of the battle within you reference. How wonderful that you provide a safe space in your home for story-sharing, for building up, and for healing. This is important work you are doing!

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