Ruby 10 Months Old


Hey sweet girl. You are two months away from your first birthday. Today you took a short nap in your crib and then woke up crying. I fed you and we snuggled in on the couch and you fell back asleep. My only thought was, “there is no other place I would rather be.”

You are a speedy little girl, crawling everywhere you want. Everyday at some point, you sit at the bottom of the stairs and look up longingly. I wonder how long it will be before you make your way up there.

Your sleep is the only thing I would change. Throughout the night you sleep pretty well, but getting you there is a struggle. Once we seem to be getting in the swing of it, something changes (teething, a cold, etc). So our evenings are spent mostly getting you to sleep, then back asleep. For some reason you are fine once we are ready for bed to be done for the night. I think you don’t want to miss the fun.ruby10 months

But, my gosh, how we love you. You are full of smiles and laughter. You are practicing walking, holding onto both of my hands with those chubby fingers. Proud as can be of your growing up.


(ps: I wrote this several weeks ago and am just getting around to getting it up on the blog).


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