Ruby is 11 months

Dear Ruby,

Yesterday you turn eleven months and it’s almost painful to think that you are only a month away from your first birthday. ruby 11 months 

Today, you have a really runny nose, which is so sad when its time to nurse you. You drink for a minute and then gasp for air. Right now, you are fussy and wanting to be held. But you still let me get some 11 month pictures this morning, so you’re doing alright.

 You are so ready to walk. You love practicing by holding our hands and flopping those sweet feet forward. 

ruby 11 months-2

Your sleep is super inconsistent. I keep thinking we should be closer to a good sleep routine by now because…you are almost a year old. So I’m trying to remember that each baby has their own sleep personality, and be patient. (Your dad is good at reminding me that it’s ok that we don’t have this all figured out). We have been working with you on it…some nights are good. Some nights are rough. 

Right now, you and your brother have a favorite game together where you one screams at the top of your lungs and the other one answers in a piercing shriek. I love the sibling bonding, but I’m thinking about investing in some good ear plugs. 

ruby 11 months-8a



Happy 11 months, Ru. We love you! 


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