The Day of the Big Buzz


Judah has been talking about wanting a “Big Buzz Lightyear” for three months straight now. I’m talking, everyday something comes up about “Big Buzz.”

It got to the point that he began to refer to his birthday as “The day I get my Big Buzz.” So, the anticipation was pretty high when he woke up on the 1st.   september 2-3

opening buzz

september 2-8edit

Well, he got his Buzz and was so excited he could barely let his dad get Buzz out of the packaging. (Which, by the way, was the most intense toy packaging I have ever seen).

And then Buzz naturally joined us for a family breakfast out.


We had a pretty low-key day. Going to a park and then walking a trail. We thought about doing a lot of other things, but the truth is, Judah is a homebody. Whenever we mention going somewhere he counters with, “How about we just stay here and play.”

So we spent most of the rest of the day at home. Minus a trip to the Y, because Judah is now old enough to go in the “maze” at “Kidstuff.”




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