Fall Thus Far

Fall has settled in and now we’re so far into October that you can see November if you stand on your toes.


september 19-16edit

November means the first snow and quiet slide into the winter season. I have no idea what winter, and lots of time in the house looks like between a one and three year old.

I’m sure that there are parts that will look very much the same as fall. Trips to the Y and library, albeit bundled in more clothes than we can currently imagine.

So far, fall has looked fairly routine. The dog continues to destroy what she finds around. Judah is pure imagination, energy and talking throughout the day. Ruby is our explorer, climbing about the house but still apprehensive about walking on her own. The chickens lay eggs daily and scratch and peck at the earth.

We still spend as much time as possible outdoors.

We celebrated our eighth anniversary.


There are diapers, meals and dishes. Mornings, nap times, bath times and bed times. There are messes to clean and moments to dance. There is art. There are classes and homework for my spiritual direction training. There are fire calls and meetings for Jason. There have been visits from people that we love.




But beneath all of that, there is a stirring. There are late night conversations and dreaming. There are prayers and waiting. There are ideas about where we are going and who we are hoping to become as a family. There is a deep richness and a little bit of fear.

Outside the trees put on a fine showing of color and disrobe, the pumpkins are turn orange in the garden, and the tomatoes give one last hurrah before frost.

Inside all our days are held lovingly in the gracious hands of God.


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