Here We Go.

I distinctly remember the first time Jason and I drove into the Twin Cities. We were fresh back from living overseas and headed into our next adventure. I remember pulling out of the tunnel on 94 and seeing the Basilica to our right. Everything was new to us.

I was headed to work with at-risk teens and Jason going to work  in the office of a ministry. I really thought we would do it for a year and be somewhere around the world afterwards.

We moved into our tiny apartment, which was the “caretaker living place” for a ministry. I remember our first snow and the first time I tasted tator-tot hot-dish that year.

Minnesota Snow 004

What was thought of as a short adventure, turned into the past six and a half years. Jason got on staff full-time at Youthworks, and we stayed.

winter 09 074

From that first little apartment, to the apartment on Marshall Avenue. home sweet home 001

To owning a home.


The pup that I convinced Jason was a great idea merely a few weeks after we moved in.

100_0568 100_0663

DSC_0160_2 DSC00569

We started our family here. Bringing first one baby home.

DSC_1461Color birth and hospital-18 birth and hospital-17

Then another.

Last summer, we started thinking about next phases. We talked and prayed through ideas.

Then all of a sudden in early December, I briefly mentioned we had been talking about the idea of moving to St. Louis to my sister, Brandi. She mentioned an open position at Washington University in the Oncology Research Division where she worked.

Jason applied and we realized that moving closer to family was the way that we wanted to go. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind since then.

When they scheduled the first interview over our visit to St. Louis in December, we started getting things in line here, just in case.

So most of December was painting and cleaning and prep work on the off chance that we would put our house on the market. We started having tough conversations around here about the possibility of moving. At some point we decided that even if this job didn’t work out, we were committed to this move and timeline.

Our house went on the market last Friday.

Yesterday was the second interview, and that led to an afternoon of filling out paperwork as a new employee of Washington University.

In three weeks, we will say goodbye to this place and the people who we have loved and learned from for almost seven years. Three weeks is a horribly insufficient time to say goodbye… but I’m not even sure what amount of time would suffice.



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