Kitchen Before



A big part of why we could afford the house we got in the area was because it was a little bit of a fixer-upper.

And the biggest part of the “fixing up” was cleaning.

From what we could tell, basic cleaning wasn’t done regularly. (No judgement here. I have never been mistaken for Martha Stewart).

And deep cleaning was done even less (never). Case in point, Jason found a mouse skeleton (A MOUSE SKELETON) in the basement closet. So a small mammal had time to die, (smell horrible), and rot without anyone noticing. Gross.

Overall, the biggest project we tackled was the kitchen.

We replaced old (and non-functioning) appliances. And one of the fun surprises pulling them out was finding the tile was mud colored and there was mouse poop all over.

Now, there was no evidence of a recent rodent infestation during our inspection. So I’m guessing this poop had resided on the kitchen floor for years and years. (Maybe belonging to Mouse-Skeletor in the basement, God rest his soul). Gross again.

Kitchen Before:

craig house-10


(Old, broken dishwasher. And mismatched oven).

craig house-12

Kitchen during:

new house-23

new house-22


Look at that floor!! I scrubbed that sucker with bleach for a long, long time. (This is post-mouse poop clean up also).

new house-21

Diet coke was a major component of my contributions to house work.

new house-20

The after photos will come soon…





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