Kitchen After

I have never before loved a kitchen. As a couple we have lived in five apartments (if you define that term loosely) and one house. And the kitchens were fine. They held food and plates and everything we needed. But I really love this kitchen. Jason and I both walk into it at say “Wow, WE live here??” (We also wander around the house saying that, but the kitchen is just…nice).

In our old house, Jason kept trying to get me to re-do the kitchen. And my response was always: “Meh. I don’t really see the point.” But now I can say that I do understand. It makes a difference in the way the whole house looks.

The cabinets were already in decent shape. We had to replace a few rotted out boards in them and scrub them down. Down the road I wouldn’t mind putting handles in.

Kitchen After-2



Kitchen After-3


See the empty milk jug in the microwave reflection? Classy.Sweet little handprint on the dishwasher too.

BUT no more mouse turds underneath the appliances.


Kitchen After-4

Kitchen After-5


Now to actually start regularly cooking in here…


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