I remember the first time we looked at this house I felt pretty, “meh” about the backyard. I liked that it was fully-fenced, but most of the yard slopes downhill. I didn’t think we would be able to put in a swing set or play area like I originally imagined.

So, it’s been a delightful surprise that the backyard is actually one of our favorite places at the house to be.



Today was my favorite kind of backyard days that we used to have at the old house. I had a few things set up for the kids: a blanket with toys on it and a container of water. And they just made themselves busy. I love to sit back and just watch them when they are in their element. I love watching their little minds work and figure things out. Or their imagination as the pretend (mostly Judah at this point), and create stories for their toys to live out.

backyardigans 6

They even got along with each other without a single squabble. And that made my morning complete.




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