Ruby 20-ish months

Oh Ru,

I’m so behind. I meant to write about you at 18 months but in the midst of the move, that just didn’t come to be. Now you are only a few months away from your second birthday.

Better late than never.


You are wild, and adventurous.

Yet at other moments, you are unwilling to be a foot apart from me. Sometimes you are literally climbing up my legs saying, “Hold me! Hold me!”


You love running around chasing after your brother and you love stealing his toys to get a reaction from him. (Usually you are well-rewarded with a big reaction).

You’re a little bit sassy and rebellious.

You have this great little sense of humor and all of these little jokes you use all the time. For instance, if I’m holding you and we walk by a mirror I will say “Who is that cute baby!?” And you will smile and answers, “Elmo!” I’ll reply “That’s not ELMO! That’s RUBY!” And you just crack up. Every time.




You love clips from Sesame Street that we watch on Youtube. There is one episode of  the Backyardigans that you ask for over and over. Otherwise you are happy with Daniel Tiger or the two Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes we have. You and your brother and I love to dance to the “Hot Dog” song at the end of Mickey Mouse.

And speaking of hot dogs… if you had your choice you would live off of them and watermelon. And ice cream. You really, REALLY like ice cream.

You have so many words! You speak in sentences now (usually shorter ones). Today’s new sentence was directed towards your brother: “No kick me!” You can sing the “ABC’s” and your brother is convinced that you can count, (although it goes a little like this “1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10!”).

There has never been another like you, nor will there ever be!

We love you dearly!


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