Zoo Day!

This morning, Jason’s keys got locked in his car and so we needed to drive down and get them out for him. Since Jason works right next to the Zoo, we decided to make a day of it. portraits and zoo day-3 portraits and zoo day Before we went, I set up my camera because I’ve been meaning to get an updated photo of me and the kiddos. Judah, who loves to take pictures, asked if he could help and take some more. Since I already had the settings right on the camera, I let him click the button a few times. He got a fun little photo of me and was proud of his handy work. portraits and zoo day-2 The zoo was crazy busy and it already feels like summer out there. But it was so good to get out and walk around, to ride the train together and explore in the children’s zoo. portraits and zoo day-20 portraits and zoo day-22 portraits and zoo day-31 portraits and zoo day-29 portraits and zoo day-32 portraits and zoo day-25 portraits and zoo day-26

It’s day’s like this of adventuring with these two that I realize I am living and working my dream job.


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