Ruby’s Room

We’ve got a good start on Ruby’s Room. There we’re two Katie Daisy prints that I lost in the move, so we just went with what we had. If we find them again, they will find a home somewhere.ruby's room 2-2

ruby's room-12

Jason bought me the flower art work from a non-profit that works with Burmese Refugees in Sault St. Marie. I embroidered the bird while I was pregnant with Ruby.

Ru lived the first few weeks of her life in her room with her things on the floor like this, because I’m classy like that and wasn’t quite sure what to do with them.

ruby's room-6


THEN I remember I had a little green bedside table in our garage. Bought some pink spray paint and TADA! A place to put her nightlight and sound machine.

ruby's room 2

ruby's room 2-6

That bed is mostly for her to play on right now (and usually is covered with another blanket and used as a diaper changing table, because… again, I am classy).

Currently, she’s still in her crib.

ruby's room 2-4

We found the little St. Louis skyline and birds print at a little vintage craft fair from a shop called Creature Type. It is the first “Missouri” art I’ve gotten. We have quite a few Minnesota related prints or maps since in the past few years, so it’s fun to bring home some more Missouri.

ruby's room-4


I love this “We are all magnificent creatures” print that hangs next to the rocker.

ruby's room-14

ruby's room 2-3

This is the first time Ru has had a room of her own. Mostly, when she is awake she would rather be in her brothers room or with the rest of the family.



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