Take A Bow

Olivers and Duggans-10

Tonight, as Ruby and I were walking to her rocker to begin the nightly routine, she paused and said, “I take a bow.” She bent over at the waist, hands behind her back.

I laughed, and she continued to bow over and over until she finally made it to the rocking chair.

It made me think, while I was rocking her. How I often end the day with my personal failures and to-do lists running through my mind. And as those whirl around, I mentally prepare for the next day.

And she simply let go of what this day had and didn’t have. She forgot the tantrums, struggles, and even accomplishments (like buckling her car seat by herself!).

She saluted this day and her involvement in it with a simple bow.

“…the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these…”


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