Happy 2nd Birthday Ru!!

Darling Girl,

On the day you were born, we fell so in love with you.

birth and hospital-2


And now for two whole years, we have gotten to do life with you everyday. You are fiery, feisty, wild, and sweet.

birth and hospital-7

You make us laugh. You make us celebrate. And in two year old fashion, you sometimes exhaust us with you antics.

birth and hospital-21


I call you: Ruby: bold and brave. You are fearless (except when really loud noises are involved). You run and climb and keep up with your brother and older cousins the best you can.

week one-2

Last night we were driving in the car and your dad said, “I just like to watch her and see what she’ll do next.” I love listening to you talk. And talk. And talk. And talk.

Ruby bday portraits-4


Ruby: bold and brave, you are two. We are so glad you were born. We love you more than words can say.

Ruby bday portraits-6

Ruby bday portraits-7

Ruby bday portraits-9

Ruby bday portraits-10b

Ruby bday portraits-11

Ruby bday portraits-15b

Ruby bday portraits-18

Ruby bday portraits-19b


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