I wrote over a month ago, and am just getting around to publishing it.

A couple weekends ago, I took pictures for some of our favorite friends who were pregnant with their third baby. They have been a pure gift to us since moving back to our home state, becoming a piece of home themselves.

They didn’t know yet whether they were having a boy or a girl. Amy carried the mystery of that baby beautifully.

art and kids-12

art and kids-20

art and kids-2

Then yesterday they went to the hospital to have and meet that sweet babe.

All day yesterday felt like a sacred day. All of life holds the holy, but there are moments that the veil of normalcy is taken away and we can see life for the gift it really is. The sky was a little brighter blue yesterday as we went about out day. The clouds were pure white full and we headed to the botanical gardens to play. My phone was close at hand, as a whole community of friends waited for word.

This morning I woke to a text from late last night that Maebel Elizabeth was born into the world. There is something about new life that renews each of us. The hope and promise that a tiny newly born baby contains. The joy of who this little person will become. It gives us all a pause, and a fresh strength for our day.

oliver family hospital olivers hospital2 Maebel Elizabeth_-41 Maebel Elizabeth bw-3

Maebel means beautiful, loving, and lovable. Elizabeth means “my God is abundance.” May she move through the world beautifully pointing to God’s abundance.


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