To Judah on your 4th Birthday

Dear Judah,

judah bday weekend-53

judah bday weekend-56

This week was a big week for you. We not only celebrated your fourth birthday, but you had your first day of preschool.

judah preschool-4

judah preschool-2-2

Preschool feels like the big step in childhood fast tracking to adulthood. You are in school now and at the end of your schooling, you will head out on your own as an adult. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Because right now you and your sister and running through the house in super hero capes, and plotting in your super hero hideaway underneath the table.


This weekend, we celebrated you with family and friends. There were cupcakes, candy, BBQ’s, a trip to the zoo, presents, and even a piñata. There were super hero things. Lots of super hero things.

judah bday weekend-2 judah bday weekend-3

We love who you are becoming.

judah bday weekend-31 judah bday weekend-26

You are a creative, waking up first thing in the morning and grabbing paints or crayons. You make robots out of legos and cardboard boxes.

judah bday weekend-10 judah bday weekend-8

You are kind. You give your dad and I each a stuffed animal before bed every night. You love filling up cups of water and bringing them to people. You are always eager to introduce yourself and turn a stranger to a friend.

judah bday weekend-39

You are wild, boisterous, and enthusiastic.

I learn so much about life and love just watching you.

We love you, buddy. I am grateful for you everyday.


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