Dear Ruby, Our Bodies Are Wonders Not Projects

This was originally posted January 28, 2013, a few months after Ruby was born. I revisited it tonight and still feel the same. May we love our bodies as they are and live our lives fully. 

The Day of Small Things

Dear Ruby,

This afternoon I caught a glimpse of myself sideways in a mirror. There is a gentle curve where my stomach lies that closely resembles the way I looked at 4 or 5 months pregnant.

It struck me that my body is holding onto the memory of carrying, nurturing, and growing you. What a beautiful thing that is.


birth and hospital-7

You’ll soon learn that people believe there is a way your body is “supposed” to look. According to many you’re supposed to be thin here and curvy there, your supposed to not have hair anywhere but you ARE supposed to have long hair on your head and eyelashes.

You will come against ridiculous stipulations. But you won’t be told that most of these things don’t naturally occur on anyone.

I’m here to tell you a secret: they’re wrong. Oh, Sweet Ruby, they are so incredibly wrong. I believed them for so…

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