Live a Life of Love

walk in the way of love

I’ve been thinking this week about my time working in the nursing home and what it taught me about life and love.

There was a woman in the memory care unit with Alzheimer’s. She and her husband had been missionaries overseas for a good portion of their marriage. She had written three books, and her husband lent me these books. They were faith-filled pages of a life that had experienced much of God’s love.

By the time I met her, all those words had been erased from her mind. All the memories were gone. All the of the ability to communicate had long disappeared too. She sat most of the day in the dining room, looking lost.

But her eyes still shone. They shone with kindness and peace, even in the midst of the most confusing and disorienting time of her life.

Everyday, her husband came and took her for long walks. Everyday, he took her back to her room and removed her shoes. Then he would gently massage her ankles and feet, before reading her a book and tucking her into her bed for a rest.

There was a love there, that bore all things. This was no easy road, for the husband or wife. There was a heavy weight for both the bear.

But everyday, they chose to walk in the way of love.

Joining in with the community of #givemegrace this week.


4 thoughts on “Live a Life of Love

  1. Precious words, here. I love what you shared about the love that is exhibited in the acts of service we see when we watch others living out faith. My grandmother spent her last days in the Nursing Home Facility and most of them included no memory of who we were, yet, like the dear heart you mentioned her love for her family, which she did know we belonged to her, and her faith in her God, which she reminded me of each time I saw her… these things would shine bright. It was evident to all that she left a mark on our lives by the way we continued to minister to her even though she was in a care facility and by that ministered to others. Our lives have been altered by that time with her there and the touching of other lives while we visited her.

    1. Yes!! It is absolutely life altering to be surrounded by those who have seemingly lost everything. What a gift to her your family’s presence was. And also what a gift to the employees of the nursing home to see the love you all shared. Thanks, Dawn.

  2. Wow, what a beautiful expression of undying love. And our Father loves us that deeply and even more… Incredible. Thank you for sharing, Kristi (and thanks for the comment at my place this weekend). 🙂

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