The Kingdom of Heaven is Inefficient

My life is incredibly inefficient.

Take tonight, the basement (which we had cleaned and vacuumed yesterday), needed to be cleaned and vacuumed again. It had something to do with the amount of pretzels that were crunched into the carpet instead of eaten.

So the kids and I jumped to it. Or rather, I jumped to it while Ruby threw crayons on the floor (which she then had to pick up) and Judah got distracted by a balloon.

So we finally get the floor clean enough to vacuum and I turned it on.

Something I must mention is that to the kids the sound of the vacuum is translated: LET THE WILD RUMPUS BEGIN! And they run laps around me while I try to vacuum, for the pure joy of it.

Tonight, Jason came down and joined in the Wild Rumpus, which turned their usual unbridled enthusiasm into joyful hysterics. They were all three leaping around, darting in front of me and falling to the ground.

I was multitasking– trying to vacuum while not causing serious injury to them, the vacuum or myself. It was a jubilant affair to say the least.

I was reminded me of something I have been wrestling through lately.

It is this: God giving us any part in His Kingdom is wildly trusting and inefficient. 

He could certainly have gotten things done faster and more efficiently without us.

I would have certainly gotten the vacuum done faster and more efficiently without the Wild Rumpus Brigade.

But I would have missed the joy. I would have missed the companionship. I would have missed being drawn out of my task-oriented mindset and into the game. They turned a job into delight just by being a part (albeit counterproductive).

And I hope that is the same story for God.


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