A mid-Monday blessing

May the scales fall from our eyes this week so that we may truly see.

pumpkin bread

That the Kingdom of heaven is right here in the bewilderment of our days. Not in the fictitious immaculate ways we think our life should behave.

pumpkin bread-2

May we be reminded that in the dance of repentance, our failures become gifts in the hands of a Loving God.

Compassion and gentleness are born not of perfection but in shared humanity.

pumpkin bread-3

When we think of Jesus’ call to childlike faith, may we remember that childhood contains wonder, whimsy and beauty.

But it also contains emotional outbursts, selfish moments and mess upon mess. And a child who is left alone for three minutes might color across white toy shelves.


Or tear apart the vacuum and dump the contents everywhere. At which point they might decide to smear their hummus all over it. (Just to give a hypothetical example).



May we remain humble and open to the constant unraveling of the answers we thought we knew. And may the questions lead us closer to the spaciousness of God.

pumpkin bread-4

pumpkin bread-6

Every step across of this calendar week, may grace and peace be yours in abundance.


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