Kingdom Come: A 31 Day Series

This is the first year that I have joined in with The Nester and the rest of the bloggers who are are writing for 31 days on their own specific topic.

This year, I am holding onto one of the topics I wrestle with the most: Engaging with God’s Kingdom in the context of our own lives. What does it look like to pray and live into, “Your Kingdom come.”

kingdom come

One of the most pervasive questions I wrestle with is how to live “as Christ.”

And while this season finds me at home with my kids, I have also pondered this thought in other seasons of full time ministry.

For example, when I was working 60-80 hours serving at-risk youth, I felt like maybe I should volunteer in my “off” hours with a group that taught English to the Somali refugee population of Minneapolis. Now when most of my day is rooted in my home with the kids, the question is a little louder.

At least in the back of my mind, I have always wondered if my life looked truly, deeply like a follower of Christ.

Because this Savior of mine? He gave up everything during his three years of ministry. He was more or less homeless. He didn’t seek glories, but poured out love, healing, grace onto everyone he met. He rejected things that we find incredibly important in our lives, like financial security and personal safety.

He also lived 33 mysterious years of normal life– that is whatever normal life means to God with skin on.

So, how does a mom of two young kids in a suburb two thousand years later follow this Man who changed her life?

There is so much brokenness and hurt in the world. There is much darkness. How and where do I shine light?

This month will be about seeking scripture, and talking to people I know or have heard of who walk in the way of Christ.

I welcome you to follow along! I’ll be keeping a links to the whole series here.


3 thoughts on “Kingdom Come: A 31 Day Series

  1. Hi Kristi! Guess what? We are linky neighbors and both of us are writing about kingdoms! I love your topic and what a great reminder we all need, to be focusing on the kingdom of God. Looking forward to reading more!

    1. That is so wild that we are writing on a similar theme and are “link neighbors.” I love it. 🙂 Heading over to your blog now to check it out.

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