31 Days of Kingdom Life: Sunday Rest and Being Enough

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The other week we spent an evening at the Balloon Glow the night before the Great Forest Park Balloon race. We went with my sister and her family, and picnicked on a field over looking the balloons as they were inflated.

We were surrounded by a sea of people in varying skin tones and a couple of different languages.

ballon glow-14

I didn’t know their stories but I was overcome by God’s love for them all, just as they were.

Not for anything they had done. Not for anything they hadn’t done. Some individuals within that mass of people had probably done unspeakable acts towards fellow humans. Others (or the same ones) had probably done beautiful things acts towards fellow humans.

God’s love for them was not because of or in spite of anything they did. It just was.  Simply because they existed.

I was deeply aware in that moment that God had been with every single one of us every single moment of our lives. Always a loving presence as real as our breath.

ballon glow-6

I’m not always good at sabbath rest. Sometimes I think the things I am involved in are more important. Sometimes the to do list is overwhelming.

But I can understand the importance of rest. Sabbath says I am not God. Sabbath says God is enough.

As I wrestle with living out God’s the prayer “thy Kingdom come,” I always come back to the realization that I do not have to earn God’s love.

I don’t serve others because I’m trying to win some celestial prize. I love because I was first loved. I serve because I was first served.

I rest because I am completely and utterly human.

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