Being the Beloved in Repentance and Rest, Quietness and Trust

kingdom come

isaiah 30-15
Sometimes the best thing I can do is pull away from it all, and bask in the gaze of the One who delights over me. To let all the noise fall away. To ignore the to do lists. To quiet everything else and listen to that still small voice.

retreat and outdoors-22


I spent this past weekend at a retreat. My phone was away in my purse. Social media wasn’t touched. And Saturday’s portion of the retreat was a whole day of quiet.

The world went on without me. Facebook, instagram, twitter, and everything else didn’t feel my absence. My house stayed in one piece. My kids were delighted for extra time with their grandparents.

retreat and outdoors-24

I remembered, I was loved. Broken and foolish one that I am, my deepest identity is Beloved.

retreat and outdoors-25

I remembered who God was. My All. My Healer. My Redeemer. My portion.

retreat and outdoors-21I forgot the clamoring of everyday life.

It was a reset button for my soul. A chance to see where I’ve been living compulsively instead of intentionally. Where I have been rushing and grabbing instead of trusting.

Truly, “in repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength. . .” (Isaiah 30:15)



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